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Competing with other companies requires you to have an edge. If you are a small company, resources like a third-party drafting company becomes an invaluable tool. Time management is crucial and your schedule is tight, why struggle with establishing an in-house design and drafting department when we can do that for you.

Having third party design and drafting services working with you gives your company a more robust and professional look to potential clients.  We produce value-engineered construction working drawings that meet the Alberta Building Code and Local Land-Use Bylaws.

At Design 53 Consulting Inc., we pride ourselves in supporting our Clients all throughout the Permitting and Construction process right until the keys are turned over.  If there are any questions or revisions needed from your Team, Trades and/or Plans Examiners we are available to assist quickly with no additional fees.  We are also willing to visit the site to meet with Trades for any complicated questions or concerns.

Meet the Minds Behind the Projects

The Faces Behind Our Success

Amber-Dawn Reid – Office Manager

Amber-Dawn has been with the company since inception in 2013. Her main focus is to oversee the scheduling of projects, new plan developments, human resources, client relations and accounts receivable/payable.

With her cultivated eye, expert colour sense and space planning vision, Amber-Dawn is able to unfold cohesive, warm and inviting interiors that her clients can easily recognize themselves in. She reviews new designs to ensure they are a practical use of space and the rooms flow together.

Dani Coles-Reid – Sales & Design

Dani started their career in 1995 working as a Junior Draftsperson for a Structural and Mechanical Engineering company in Edmonton.

Six years later, they shifted focus into the Residential Industry and worked their way up from a Junior Draftsperson to Regional Design Manager. In 2013, Dani started Design 53 Consulting Inc..

Dani is well-versed with incorporating value-engineered principles into new designs to ensure marketability and competitive pricing for a company. They have a solid understanding of the relationship between costs and design elements.

Kyley Loyer – Senior Creative Designer

Kyley graduated from the Architectural Technology program at NAIT in 2002 and began as a Production Draftsperson with a large home builder.

Her interest in creative design overtook the daily repetitive drafting of cookie-cutter homes and she eventually found herself designing large scale estate homes for custom builders.

Meticulous attention to detail, functionality of spaces and knowledge of the construction process have proven Kyley to be a valuable asset to our Team.

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